As I drive further away, the houses are not so close together.  The land seems to spread out in a relaxed fashion.  Green grass dotted with wild violets in a haphazard way.  I notice it is easier to breathe and a feeling of relaxation comes over me.  An old tractor sits near a weather worn barn, clearly abandoned.   In the distance the dark gray shadows of mountains hold a promise for me.  It's as if they call to me, desiring me as much as I do them.  No longer appearing as shadows, they now are in clear view.  God has surely molded them with His own hands, squeezing and forming until they are perfect peaks graced by flowing valleys of green, trimmed in winding rivers of sparkling ice cold water.  I am at home here in this place.  I am at peace.  Here I belong.

The heart of a country girl in an early morning dream. © 1/21/03 @ 4 a.m.