Hi, my name is Carmen, aka SweetSong4Him.  I am a wife, Mother, MaMaw, Singer, Musician, Graphic Artist and Freelance Web Designer.  I guess there are not many things that I have wanted to do in this life that I have not already done.  I started singing when I was real little.  While I sang in school, it was in church that my vocal gifts were acknowledged and encouraged.  This led to my interest and local success in gospel music.  I was blessed to be on a weekly radio show called "Wings of Prayer".  In the early nineties I was singing with some of the greatest artists in gospel music.  I chose to abandon my music for a time to care for my parents in their final years.  As time passed, I found myself facing many physical hardships.  I am teaching myself acoustic guitar and enjoying life.  A few things happen after you have faced death.  The sun does indeed shine brighter and the fresh air smells even fresher.  I am so thankful for every single day!  There is so much more to me than I could ever write here.  My hope is that I have inspired you enough to stay a while, enjoy your visit and return another day.  This site, like me, is a perpetual work in progress.